Keep Your Concrete in Good Shape

Ask about our concrete coatings in Philadelphia, PA

Getting repeated concrete repair services can really take a toll on your wallet. Protect your concrete from cracks, scrapes and general wear and tear with our concrete coatings. Quinn Brothers Masonry, LLC offers concrete preservation services for residential and commercial clients in Philadelphia, PA.

We provide concrete preservation for small buildings and high-rises alike. Preserve the floors of your warehouse or your home's driveway with our help. Call 267-687-2910 now to ask about our concrete coatings.

Seal out moisture, seal in comfort

Seal out moisture, seal in comfort

We also offer polyurethane and epoxy window coatings for homeowners and business owners in Philadelphia, PA. If your windows aren't properly sealed, your building is at risk for:

  • Air loss that results in higher heating and cooling bills
  • Water or moisture issues that can damage your property
  • Pest infestations, such as centipedes, spiders or ants
  • Uncomfortable drafts when standing near windows

We'll inspect your windows for gaps and cracks, and then apply the necessary sealant properly. Sealing your windows will ensure your comfort as well as your home's efficiency.