Shield Your Building From Water Damage

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Water is one of the most harmful substances that can enter your home or business. It can cause persistent mold issues as well as compromise your building's structural integrity. Residents in Philadelphia, PA turn to Quinn Brothers Masonry, LLC for professional waterproofing services. Our chemical grout and epoxy injection solutions will keep your property safe from moisture.

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What do our injections do?

What do our injections do?

Curious about our waterproofing options? When it comes to chemical grout injections, we'll first drill holes near cracks in your property, then put in grout ports and then finally inject the chemical grout. The water that's already leaked into your concrete will then chemically react with the injection, expand and seal the cracks.

An epoxy injection works a little differently. There is no chemical reaction, but epoxy injections fill existing, static cracks to strengthen a structure. Epoxy injections work to both restore and waterproof your concrete.